Once Saved, Always Saved… Maybe Not


‘Once Saved, Always Saved’ is a phrase many Christians believe is their assurance of eternity in heaven with the Lord Jesus, no matter how they live their lives. In this powerful book, author Dr. Brian D. Scott examines verse after verse indicating that the Lord may be expecting more to gain entry into heaven. Jesus Himself declares, ‘Those who endure to the end shall be saved!’

Every Christian wants to go to heaven when they die, but few believers are living a heavenly life. This book will either encourage you to dig deeper and live cleaner to ensure your home in heaven, or it will be ignored as unnecessary and over the top. Can you really gamble with eternity?

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Seven Streams of Income

People live their lives in one of three realms: not enough, just enough, or more than enough. The vast majority live in the first two realms – they are barely getting by and are afraid of unexpected expenses. But that’s not the Lord’s plan for your life. He has a plan to prosper you and take you into the real of more than enough. In this book, Seven Streams of Income, author Dr. Brian D. Scott reveals how additional streams of income are available to you as  you open your thinking to increase and expansion. Using real-life examples, Dr. Scott walks you through the steps of seeing opportunities and seizing them to add new income streams in your business and life. It’s time to change the way you think and be ready for Godly opportunities!

Dr. Brian D. Scott has personally experienced what he shares in this book. With university degrees in Business Administration and Law, and having practiced as a corporate lawyer for over 17 years and pastored for more than 30 years, Dr. Scott has been solving people’s problems and providing counsel for 40 years. Dr. Scott has studied and researched the scriptures to find Biblical answers to life’s daily problems – answers that work! It’s Time to Reposition Your Thinking So Increase Can Find You!

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God’s Pattern for Business Success

Everything God does, He does according to a pattern, and His pattern never changes.  Once you find God’s pattern for business success and learn how to apply it in your life, you cannot help but be more successful than you have ever been before!
The Bible says that, as Christians, we are called to the the head and not the tail, above and not beneath, and more than overcomers!
Most Christian business are the exact opposite – they are the tail, not the head.  They are beneath and not above, and they are totally being overcome.  Now that’s a problem; that’s not what the Bible says.  It is time to change! It’s time to be the head and not the tail. It’s time to be above and not beneath! And it’s time to be an overcomer in every area! Now is the time!

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Cycles of Prosperity

In Cycles of Prosperity, author Dr. Brian D. Scott examines the Biblical Pattern for financial prosperity and spiritual revival, and its correlation to similar patterns for financial success in the marketplace. Just as the nation’s economy has periods of bear and bull markets, the scriptures declare that there are times and seasons that release periods of economic restoration and revival. The prophet Joel declared that economic restoration precedes spiritual revival (Joel 2). If you don’t know the pattern, you will never experience the blessing!

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Get Rid of Stinking‘ Thinking

A series of hurdles lies between you and your increase.  We also call them barriers, attitudes, or mindsets.  No matter their name or label, they all do the same thing – they resist and oppose change!  These resistant forces prevent clear thinking, clear vision, and clear decision-making.  They create chaos in your mind and muddle your thoughts and desires.  If you don’t fight hard for change, this will become your ‘normal mindset’ and you will end up living a life of stinkin’ thinking!  In this book, Dr. Scott examines many of the forces that resist change and how to make changes to get rid of them.  

You must get rid of your stinkin‘ thinking!

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How to Heal a Hurting Heart

We have two levels of memory – head memory and heart memory.  Our head memory seems to be under control most of the time as our minds rationalize and analyze solutions into existence.  But the heart’s memory is altogether different.  Internal experiences form heart memory and lead to subconscious adjustments in your life that are beyond your knowledge and understanding.  Most of the memories are buried deep and become the secrets of the heart.  They steal your dreams, your hopes, and your future.  And only the Lord can heal them!

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