What a Wealth Producers Meeting would Mean to You!

A Wealth Producer meeting/seminar would be an awesome time of fresh revelation and understanding of God’s methods and ways of bringing increase into believers’ lives.



Believers will learn:

‘Everything God does, He does according to a Pattern; and every Godly Pattern is governed by His Principles’. Once you learn God’s Pattern for increase and the Principles that support it, you’ll see increase on a continuing basis!

God gives us the ‘Power to Get Wealth…’ God brings ‘Ideas’ for increase to believers, but most people ignore and/or overlook these ideas—ideas end up passing them by! Once you acknowledge an idea is from God, God provides the strategy to implement it. Wealth Producers helps identify these ‘God Ideas and Strategies!’

There’s a dynamic relationship between God’s Grace and a believer’s faith needing to be recognized. God’s Grace is the key to fulfilling dreams and destiny, but is most often overlooked as believers focus solely on faith. God’s Grace is the key to energizing and enabling believers in their lives and business opportunities.

Jesus commanded his follows to choose God or mammon (Matthew 6:24). This choice is one of the most important decisions a believer will ever make provided he/she understands what’s at stake. Mammon is far more than ‘money’; it’s a team of demonic spirits that must be totally
renounced in order to see real success – an awesome revelation!

Wealth Producer seminars touch on the practical steps to take in order to add new opportunities to your career / business. You’ll be amazed at how many opportunities you’ve passed by once you learn how to recognize these new ideas.

Wealth Producer seminars will share how to change the way you think and believe – there are specific steps that must be taken and practiced to ‘reposition your thinking’.

And Wealth Producers will share the revelation of ‘Seven Streams of Income’. The Lord likely has multiple streams of income destined for your life; we’ll show you how easy and practical it is to add these new sources of income. It’s dynamic!