What’s Being Said!

Dr. Brian connects wealth producing believers with their Pastor. This teaching doesn’t take away from the local church, it adds to it! Brian’s Wealth Producer teaching points people to the ways the Lord works to produce increased wealth through His people. The teaching is awesome!
~ Pastor KG

I’ve never heard financial principles taught this way. I’ve sown for 100-fold return for years and received 100-fold disappointments…your Wealth Producer teaching has shown me what I was missing and how to correct it. I’m looking forward to greater success in my future!
~ Peter E.

From a pastor’s point of view, this is the first time that my people have been blessed all the way to the back row! I am most thankful for the simplicity and practicality of Brian’s teaching on ‘Repositioning Your Thinking so Increase Can Find You!’
~ Pastor JR

I recently attended an executive leadership seminar costing $1,495. It seemed good until Dr. Brian’s Wealth Producer teaching at my church – his teaching was far more practical and complete on ‘How to Increase’ than the expensive seminar. I immediately saw practical steps of implementation.
~ Joe K.

Combining his 17 years as an attorney and his 31 years as a pastor has prepared Dr. Brian to impact marketplace ministers as few are able. Brian’s ability to present God’s timeless truths with relevance and a fresh anointing separates him from many others who promise great results but seldom deliver. His teaching will inspire, challenge and take your people to the next level.
~ David Robinson PhD

Dr. George Evans, (now in heaven), was known as a great Bible teacher. He read through the entire Bible once a month. I knew Dr. Evans through my pastor, Dr. Mark T. Barclay. Dr. Evans told me that ‘our teaching was the most accurate teaching on Biblical finances that he had ever heard.’